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National Police Determine 60 South Kalimantan Forestry Suspects in 5 Provinces, Riau


National Police Determine 60 South Kalimantan Forestry Suspects in 5 Provinces, RiauNational Police Determine 60 South Kalimantan Forestry Suspects in 5 Provinces, Riau - Haze due to forest and land fires began to spread and disrupt breathing in a number of areas.

The police have named 60 suspects from 68 alleged cases of forest and land fire (karhutla) criminal acts in Riau, South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, and Jambi. Most Riau Province.
Head of the National Police Headquarters Public Information Bureau Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo revealed that of the 60 suspects, which had been in phase two and handed over to the Public Prosecutor (JPU) there were 16 suspects, 13 suspects from the Riau region, West Kalimantan 2 suspects, and Central Kalimantan 1 suspect.

"There are already a number of suspects who are in stage two, the rest are still in the process of investigating the Regional Police there," he said, Monday (12/08/2019), as reported by
Dedi revealed that the total amount of forest and land that has been burned to date has reached 288.28 hectares.

According to him, the most extensive fire was in Riau which reached 204.9 hectares and the least was in the Jambi area of ??45 hectares.

"For the West Kalimantan region, fires covered an area of ??20.4 hectares and in Central Kalimantan 34.48 hectares. So the total land burned was 299.28 hectares," he said.

In addition to setting suspects against residents, the Police also set a corporation as a suspect in relation to forest and land fires in Riau on behalf of the company PT Sumber Sawit Sejahtera (SSS).

"We will continue to develop this case to other corporations, as well as to other people," he said.

Previously, Riau Police had set PT SSS as a suspect in a forest and land fire case, because it was considered responsible for a 150 hectare fire in Pelalawan District.

In addition to PT SSS, Riau Regional Police will also set another company as a suspect in the forest and land fires.

This second company was allegedly responsible for the case of forest and land fires in Langgam District, Pelalawan Regency.

Previously, the Riau Karhutla Control Task Force had sent a letter of reprimand and notification to the five companies regarding the findings of the forest and land fires in the company's area or company boundaries.

The five companies are PT Priatama Rupat (Surya Dumai Group), PT Jatim Jaya Perkasa Teluk Bano II, PT WSSI Koto Gasib Siak, PT Seraya Sumber Lestari Koto Gasib, and PT Langgam Inti Hibrindo, Langgam.


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