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Requesting Gelper Closed, DPRD Inhil: Satpol PP No Need to Wait


DPRD Inhil, CSO and Satpol PP meetings related to gelperDPRD Inhil, CSO and Satpol PP meetings related to gelper - DPRD Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) held a Hearing Meeting (RDP) with the Pancasila Youth (PP), MPI, FPI, MUI and NU and various other related parties, Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

The RDP is a follow-up to PP Inhil's peaceful action related to a gambling arena suspected of guilty of playing the Games (Gelper) as well as a family karaoke location that was misused.

Chairman of Commission I Inhil DPRD, Yusuf Said said, his party deliberately invited representatives of various elements of society to sit together for the common interest so that they have the same understanding and attitude.

"We hope that no mass organizations will become the backing behind this gelper business, so there will be no clashes behind it later.
 When we are faced with two problems, we must see which benefits are greater, "said Yusuf Said.

According to Yusuf Said, after the RDP was held, the Satpol PP as the enforcer of the Regional Regulation did not need to wait for anyone else to execute the conclusions of this meeting.

"I hope this will be my last gift as chair of Commission 1. We only enforce Inhil Bylaw number 11 of 2016 Inhil Article 35 concerning administration and article 36 concerning criminal sanctions if it does not obey the rules," he said.

He added, if the gelper activity did not have a permit, the authorities were obliged to close while for family karaoke businesses that had permits but were misused to be given a warning.

"If the problem of 500 employees is unemployed if the gelper is closed, we have also closed dugil locations, there are still many other businesses that are lawful and blessed. Do we want to legalize it, it could be 500 people alive but 5000 people are miserable," he added.

DPMPTSP Inhil's representative Linda in the RDP admitted that from 2011 until now there were only 4 agility business activities that submitted applications for business licenses.

"However, only 1 gelper has a business registration certificate and it has been exhausted since 2014. The rest only pocketed the company registration certificate and has ended," he said.

He continued, searching in the field was indeed known that there was also a gelper whose permission to register his company was only for children but was also intended for adults.

"Actually, the gelper is not allowed to try before the business license is issued," Linda continued.

He also mentioned that all this time the Gelper entrepreneurs already have business registration marks through the Online Single Submission System (OSS) alias electronically integrated business licensing because the system can register anywhere.

"But the continuation of the procedure when we verify the list of business licenses is rejected because we have another Regional Regulation that regulates tourism business licenses," he said.

In line with the Head of Disparporabud Inhil, Junaidi asserted, for the arena of agility Inhil has made Perda number 9 of 2017 related to the implementation of tourism businesses where for the arena of agility only regulated 2 game arenas namely the arena of riding and archery, while
 gelper does not exist.

"Since the last 3 years, we also have never recommended permission for the arena of dexterity. Gelper permission does appear in OSS but we can annul it with the Regional Regulation and the Regional Regulation on Tourism," he said.

Meanwhile, Kasatpol PP, Inhil TM Syaifullah agreed that if indeed the gelper did not have a permit, his party was ready to close within the next 17 days, because so far the gelper businessmen always showed proof of tax payments that had been taken care of and proof of the list of permits. through OSS.

"If it is agreed we will close with the existing provisions. Starting tomorrow we will give a warning letter 1 to close, if it is not followed up for 14 days then we serve the Second Letter for 3 days," he said.

Chairman of PP Inhil, Robi Cahyadi, said that his party had only conveyed the aspirations of the people related to the unrest of the gambling under the guise of gelper, because if it was not immediately followed up it could endanger the young generation.

"This gelper has even reached the villages, like there is a network. We have no personal interests, our goal is Lillahitaala," Robi said.

In the meeting also decided to urge related parties to immediately dismantle Dayang Suri Market and make it a Green Open Space (RTH) because so far there have been many complaints from the public who suspect that the place next to the Alhuda Grand Mosque is used as a nasty location.


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