Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

148 hotspots detected in Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency of Pontianak


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of Supadio, Pontianak, announced there are still 148 hotspots detected on Wednesday, August 14, that might lead to forest and land fire in several regencies of West Kalimantan Province.

The head of BMKG Supadio Pontianak, Erika Mardiyanti, said the most hotspots found in Ketapang District up to 56 points, followed by Kubu Raya (37), Sanggau (19), Kapuas Hulu (12), Landak (9), Bengkayang, Mempawah, and Kayong Utara (4). There is also one hotspot spotted in Sintang and Melawi.

Erika added that heavy rain and strong wind potentially fall in some areas of the province next week. So people are reminded to remain alert following the possible heavy rainfall with storm and strong wind in short duration, especially in the afternoon.

“At this time, the rain has only fallen in several districts of West Kalimantan, namely Kapuas Hulu, Bengkayang, Landak, Sambas, Pontianak, and Kubu Raya. It is predicted that the rain will spread to other districts with low, medium, and heavy intensity in the next week,” said Erika, Wednesday, August 14.






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