Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

Pekanbaru DLHK Officers Punish 57 Residents Who Lose Rashes


The janitor cleans the edge of the trench from garbage on Jalan Datuk Setia Maharaja, Pekanbaru.The janitor cleans the edge of the trench from garbage on Jalan Datuk Setia Maharaja, Pekanbaru. - Officials of the Department of Environment and City Sanitation (DLHK) Pekanbaru have fined 57 residents who like littering. The fines imposed start from IDR 250,000 IDR Rp 5,000,000.

Head of the Legal and Environmental Management Section of DLHK Pekanbaru City Rubi Adrian, Wednesday (08/14/2019), said there were 57 residents who were caught in littering. The amount is calculated since January 2019.

"We confiscated their National Identity Cards (KTP). We propose blocking ID cards until they pay a fine," he explained.

By blocking the KTP, the janitor cannot take care of other important documents. Blocking of KTP will be opened when a fine has been paid.

"As many as 28 people have paid fines. While 29 others have not paid fines to date," Rubi said.

The fines applied for cleaners are based on Mayor Regulation (Perwako) Number 134 of 2018. Residents who are caught red handed are given a fine in accordance with the amount of waste thrown out of their place.

"The fines we charge between IDR 250,000 to IDR 5 million," Rubi said.

Until now, 60 DLHK officers continue to patrol. The movement of officers began at 08.00 WIB.

"They are patrolling to move places all over the road. Not only are they fining residents, they are also appealing and inviting residents to throw trash in their place," Rubi explained.


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