Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

BKPSDM Pekanbaru Arranges Performance Appraisal Application, Hard Working Civil Servants Get More Benefits


Head of BKPSDM Pekanbaru City Masykur Tarmizi.Head of BKPSDM Pekanbaru City Masykur Tarmizi. - The Pekanbaru City Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency (BKPSDM) is currently preparing a work assessment application. Later, civil servants (PNS) who are performing well will get more benefits.

Head of BKPSDM Pekanbaru City Masykur Tarmizi, Wednesday (08/14/2019), said the online-based performance appraisal application must be completed this year. So far, the performance evaluation of civil servants is still manual.

With this application, the tasks performed by each civil servant can be known. Likewise with the weight of the PNS work.

With this system, the public's assumption that civil servants performing poorly can be eliminated. Because starting this year, the performance of civil servants is assessed.

"With this online performance assessment, civil servants who are diligent in working will get more benefits. On the other hand, lazy civil servants will receive benefits according to their performance," explained Masykur.


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