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5 Special Moments of the Republic of Indonesia's 74th Anniversary Flag in Tembilahan, Number 4 Unexpected


Inhil Regent, HM Wardan greeted the veterans after the RI 74th Anniversary ceremony in TembilahanInhil Regent, HM Wardan greeted the veterans after the RI 74th Anniversary ceremony in Tembilahan -The red and white flag raising ceremony on the 74th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) on August 17, 2019 at Gajah Mada Field, Tembilahan City, Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil) went smoothly.

During the 74th Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony in Inhil, it turned out that many special moments occurred, following, summarize some of these moments:

1. The text of the Proclamation was read by Dani M Nursalam which was the last time he was the Chairperson of the Inhil DPRD.

2. The commander rationing flag raising ceremony was given to TNI Officers namely Captain Justin W as Pasi Intel Kodim 0314 Inhil while the Ration Commander Ceremony for Declining the Flag was given to Police Officers namely AKP Angga Wahyu Prihantoro as Kempas Police Chief, this moment always takes turns every year.

3. Red and White Flag Tray Bearer, Zhafira Gemi Regina who is a student at SMAN 1 Tembilahan turned out to be a trained flag raiser because she always followed the Special Forces Extracurricular (Pasus) flag raisers at her school.

4. It was the first moment HM Wardan and Syamsudin Uti attended the ceremony simultaneously as Inhil Regent and Deputy Inhil Regent, both of whom were rivals in the Inhil regional election.

5. A special and unique moment because the Inhil regency gives souvenirs and compassion to the veterans and heirs of fighters in Inhil Regency.


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