Monday, 24 Feb 2020

There are 9 Golkar cadre names that are likely to become the Chairperson of the Inhil DPRD


Chairperson of AMPG Inhil, Edi Haryanto SindrangChairperson of AMPG Inhil, Edi Haryanto Sindrang - As the winning party for the Legislative Election (Pileg) in Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) Regency, the Group of Work (Golkar) which has 9 board seats, is entitled to receive the ration of the Chairperson of the Inhil DPRD for the 2019-2023 period.

Although there are several famous names that are predicted to be selected such as Feriyandi and Edy Haryanto Sindrang, but from the results of the plenary conducted by the Golkar Inhil DPD Party, 9 names have been recommended to be chosen and appointed by the Golkar Party DPP as the Chair of Inhil DPRD.

Responding to this, the Chairman of the Inhil Golkar Party (AMPG) Inhil, Edi Haryanto Sindrang said, 9 candidates whose names were recommended by the Golkar Inhil DPD Party had the same opportunity to be appointed as Chairperson of Inhil DPRD.

"What determines is the Golkar DPP, I entered (the candidate), Mr Raus entered and Mr Feriyandi as well. Hopefully our elected will later be able to bring prosperity to the Inhil people," said the Chairman of the Golkar Faction in the Inhil DPRD.

He added, whoever was later elected or not, he must accept it legowo. Because this is a party decision, so it must be able to embrace and partner with anyone, including the government.

"Maybe before the inauguration the decision has been made, no one has been adopted, this decision is the most appropriate. Later it will be directly appointed by the Golkar DPP, so there will be no more selection," concluded Edy Sindrang.


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