Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Young Teacher Mother in Pekanbaru Found Dead in Her Boarding House


illustrationillustration - A young woman named Sania Putri (23 years old) was found dead in her room in Jalan Swakarya, Kos Putri, Kelurahan Tuah Karya, Pekanbaru, Saturday 17 August 2019 night.

Not yet known the cause of death of women who are known to work daily as a teacher in one private elementary school in Pekanbaru. But the initial suspicion is suicide.

Temporary information obtained, at the time of discovery, the neck of the victim's body contained a shawl that ensnared his neck and was connected to the trellis of the bedroom window.

But to find out the exact cause of Sania's death, his body was immediately evacuated to the Bhayangkara Riau Police Hospital, that same night.

Handsome Kapolsek AKP Juper Lumban Toruan confirmed information about the incident. "Yes, last night. We are still waiting for the results of the Bhayangkara Hospital post mortem," he said, Saturday, August 18, 2019.

He explained, Sania's body was first discovered when there was a data catering worker delivering food orders. However, because the victim's door was closed, the catering department left the order to the occupants of the boarding house next door.

Long story short, the heart's intention to deliver food orders from catering, Sania boarding neighbors were suspicious because the door of the room was still closed and locked and the room lights were also off.

"Then it was banged on the door of the room but there was no answer. Because of suspicion, then contacted a witness named Putri who is also the occupant of the boarding house with the aim of asking for a Mobile number (Sania, red)," he continued.

Unfortunately, the telephone connection came in, but it was not answered. Even though the ringing sound of the handphone is heard from outside the boarding house. As a result, the RT was summoned, along with local residents. Finally the door to the room was broken down by residents.

"After the door was opened and the room lights were turned on, residents were surprised to see the victim had died with his neck trapped in a shawl," he concluded.


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