Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Tragic, an Indonesian Babysitter Put Medicine Into Baby’s Milk Bottle to Make Him Sleep Faster


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  It seems like it’s a difficult task to hire babysitters who are ‘proper’ (read: someone who won’t harm your baby) these days.

Something terrifying was revealed last Wednesday (14 August) when a babysitter admitted to adding medicine that caused drowsiness into a baby’s milk bottle.

The baby’s mother, Vierza, shared several elaborate posts on her Instagram (@febevierza912) to warn other parents about this particular babysitter.

According to China Press, the Indonesian couple hired Ju, the babysitter to take care of both of their children while they were at work. Initially, Vierza liked Ju a lot because she got along with her children, and the couple trusted her enough to leave their kids with her about 3 months ago.

However, things got strange when Vierza noticed how early her baby son named Great, started to sleep really early. And she suspected something was wrong when he didn’t want to drink his milk. Not only that, she also noticed how dry his diapers were, which led her to worry he was dehydrated.

She wasn’t sure what happened to her baby until she told her friend suggested that the babysitter could’ve fed the baby sleeping medicine to her baby.

Although she wasn’t convinced, her concerns grew as she couldn’t wake Great up one day, no matter how much she shook or kissed him.

She poured out the milk Ju made earlier and noticed an odd scent wafting out from the bottle confirming that the milk was spiked.

The couple confronted Ju, and she admitted that she added Cetirizine into Great’s milk bottle in order to knock him out. She also revealed that she had been doing it for the past three days as she cried and apologised, in hopes of forgiveness.

FYI, Cetirizine is a type of antihistamine that has side effects of drowsiness and tiredness, according to RxList.

She even demonstrated to the couple (and the camera) how she did it as well.

In the end, Vierza did not report Ju to the police, and her series of Instagram posts were to warn other parents to avoid hiring Ju as their babysitter.

Great was also taken to the hospital for treatment, and he’s currently recovering from the poisoning, although he still vomits when he’s being fed. 




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