Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Not Having Permission, Permanent Stalls of Traders Demolished Pelalawan PP Satpol


Satpol PP Pelalawan melakukan penertibanSatpol PP Pelalawan melakukan penertiban - Dozens of PP and Damkar Satpol personnel at Pelalawan Regency on Friday (08/23/2019), at around 10:00 a.m., ordered and demolished cellphone kiosks, permanent banana cheese merchant poles and cake traders permanent poles on Jalan Lintas Pangkalan Kerinci.

While some other traders, were warned to dismantle their own permanent buildings which are on the shoulder of the road.

"For those who have not been disciplined, please dismantle it yourself," said Head of the PP Pol and Damkar Pelalawan Regency Abu Bakar FE.

While Head of Ops trantibum Sofyan, said the demolition of buildings without permission from the local government was also carried out as a shock therapy for other traders, to follow the rules in force.

"It is not allowed because it interferes with traffic, the road becomes congested and even causes accidents," said Sofyan.

This condition, he added, made the city of Pangkalan Kerinci look even more disheveled, unorganized due to the misbehavior of business actors, not thinking about public order and peace.

Sofyan added, curbing would be continued to several points in the future.

"We first warn to dismantle it ourselves but if it is not heeded, we will again dismantle it by force," he stressed again.


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