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During the Bengkalis DPRD Plenary Meeting, This was the Secretary's Answer Against the PAN Faction


Sekda Bengkalis membacakan jawaban pemerintah terhadap Pandangan Umum Fraksi PAN BengkalisSekda Bengkalis membacakan jawaban pemerintah terhadap Pandangan Umum Fraksi PAN Bengkalis - The Bengkalis Regency Regional Representative Council (DPRD) on Thursday, August 22, 2019, held a Plenary Meeting.
The plenary meeting was attended by 23 councilors (in accordance with the signatures) led directly by DPRD Chairman H Abdul Kadir.

The main agenda of the 10th trial during the third trial was to hear the Bengkalis Regent's response to the general view of the Bengkalis DPRD factions on the financial note and the 2019 P-APBD Regional Regulation delivered at the previous Plenary Meeting.

Reading the written answer from the Regent Amril Mukminin, Regional Secretary H Bustami HY who was assigned to represent the Amril Regent sequentially gave responses to the general views of each faction.

When responding to the views of the National Mandate Faction (PAN), which was conveyed through Syaiful Ardi as a spokesman (spokesman), Secretary Bustami said, Bengkalis Regency Government agreed with the PAN Faction to use the existing budget to bring prosperity to the community.

"This thinking is in line with the business that we have been doing. We can see an indication of its success with the decreasing trend in poverty every year and the better Gini ratio index, "he explained,

In fact, continued Regional Secretary H Bustami, the achievement of the Gini index in Bengkalis Regency in 2018 was 0.263, better in Riau Province, even in the national level, which were only 0.33 and 0.389, respectively.

While related to the PAN faction's proposal to be more careful in making regional revenue projects in the future because of the uncertainty in its distribution, said Secretary of Regional Secretary Bust Bust, the Regency Government of Bengkalis will make this pithy thought an important note.

"We will make this an important note for making future regional income projections," he said.

Regional Secretary H Bustami expressed his gratitude to the PAN Faction in agreeing to the addition of the Additional Employee Income (TPP) budget.

"Obviously, we hope that this additional budget is directly correlated with improving ASN's performance in providing services to the community," he said.

Finally, Regional Secretary H Bustami said that he agreed with the PAN Faction to prevent a decline in the type or class of Bengkalis Regional Hospital.

"Until now Bengkalis District Public Hospital class is still in the process of evaluation. Until now, it is still trying to meet the indicators as required by the Ministry of Health, so that there will be no decline in class, "closed Secretary H Bustami at the plenary meeting open and open to the public.


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