Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

Senapelan Collection 3 Porkot VII Gold Medal Pekanbaru 2019 at the Petanque Sports


 Illustration of petanque sports Illustration of petanque sports - Although it is still classified as a new sport, the achievements of petanque athletes in the Sorcerer's City are quite encouraging.

From the results of the championship, Porkot VII Pekanbaru 2019, the Senapelan contingent succeeded in bringing the biggest gold medal for sporting players.

Senapelan District won three gold medals and two bronze medals. Followed by Sukajadi District with two gold medals, four silver medals and two gold medals.

With the results of this championship, KONI Pekanbaru City Chairperson, Anis Murzil revealed, his party would develop more seriously for this petanque sport.

"Because, in the Riau Province Province Province Province in 2021 in Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) Regency, there will also be competition with petanque sports," Anis told, Sunday September 8 2019.

"Our goal is to hold a Porkot between these districts, to be able to attract the best athletes. And from here, try us together with Bina in Pelatko to pursue the overall champion of Porprov X Riau 2021," he said.

The following results were received from Porkot VII Pekanbaru 2019 from sports petanque:

1. Senapelan District with 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals.

2. Sukajadi District with 2 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

3. Sailing District with 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals.

4. Marpoyan Damai District with 1 gold medal, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

5. Bukit Raya District with 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal and 5 gold medals.

6. Tampan District with 1 gold medal and 4 bronze medals.

7. Pekanbaru City District with 1 gold medal and 2 bronze medals.

8. Kecamatan Tenayan Raya with 1 silver medal and 2 silver medals.


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