The reason why a women must got hormone therapy


The reason why a women must got hormone therapy The reason why a women must got hormone therapy - Hormone therapy is one of the health solutions in women who have been menopausal and have various complaints. Complaints can be in the form of anxiety, urinary tract infections, dry vagina, and pain when intercourse.

Hormone therapy will help improve physical conditions, such as estrogen therapy. Estrogen therapy will improve collagen, skin moisture, and prevent wrinkles.

However, one of the worries when undergoing of hormone therapy is the risk of cancer. According to obstetrician, Ni Komang Yeni said if the concern is incorrect.

"Hormone therapy can be performed as long as it is applied properly and supervised every six months," he said.

Before performingof hormone therapy, was mandatory the examination of hormone conditions in the body.

"If you want to consume of hormone drugs, you must make sure the hormone status in the body first," said vice chairman of Menopause Society Indonesia branch of Jakarta Raya.

In essence, a women should not do hormone therapy carelessly and should be done when indeed a complaint due to menopause.

Menopause itself on average experienced at the age of 51 years with a transition of about 3-5 years. Someone is said to experience menopause if menstruation stops for 12 months in a row.



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