Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

After underwent a face surgery, a teen in Tiongkok almost paralysed and blind


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  To looks more beautiful, some women believe that beauty is pain. For some women, this may mean elective surgery. But as with all medical procedures, there are definite risks involved. 

Like the story of a woman in China. A 19-year-old teen named Chen thought it would be a good idea to undergo a liquid nose job after purchasing a beauty card from Emay Family, a beauty parlor in Chongqing with hefty discount.

The procedure involves injecting liquid hyaluronic acid into the nose to achieve the desired shape and silhouette. This is typically a popular noninvasive option to rhinoplasty, and she had hoped she would be able to look more beautiful with it done.

After the procedure to be completed, Chen said that her whole body felt weak and she felt almost paralysed. 

Chen was rushed to hospital immediately. Upon inspection, doctors have diagnosed Chen with arterial thrombosis, or a blockage of the blood vessel, which has stopped blood flow to her eye. 

Doctor found that during the procedure, the hyaluronic acid that was meant to act as a filler for her nose had entered her ophthalamic artery and caused it to become blocked. 

This resulted in her going blind in one eye, and the damage may be irreversible. 






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