Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

A Telegram Group Sharing Lewd Content is Closed


Source: goodyfeed.comSource: - Reported by, a telegram group chat, SG Nasi Lemak, was recently discovered to be used by Singaporeans to spread photos of women.

Despite its name sounding rather innocent, the content in the group chat is way more disturbing.

Even though it has been closed after many people reported it for having pornographic content, it had over 44,000 active members in it, which is an insanely high number. According to chats within, the group even had up to 46,000 members at its peak.

According to AsiaOne, they found that the group was used to primarily circulate lewd content, sell vape devices and juices, sexual services, and sexual enhancement drugs.

Sadly, even with the closure of this group, there are still other Telegram groups circulating similar lewd content.

Although there are ways to shut down all these kinds of platforms, the kinds of this content still develop on Telegram because of Telegram has anonymity feature in which one can choose not to reveal their phone numbers and hide behind their username, as well as Telegram’s group settings which allow groups to add over tens of thousands of members at once.


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