Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

22yo Widow Caught Up while Having Sex With 8 Men Behind the Mosque


Source: worldofbuzz.comSource: - Having sex happens (usually) behind closed doors. After all, most sensible people would know to keep their decency intact, and not want to run the risk of being caught with their by doing it.

In a story reported by China Press, a 22-year-old widow was literally caught with her pants down when villagers found her engaging with 8 men in an outdoor orgy.

The incident occurred near a telecommunications tower in Tenggarong, Indonesia when a security guard that was working encountered a group of men surrounding one woman, laying on the grass. Naked.

But it doesn’t end there, as apparently the spot they had done it was right behind a small mosque. That’s just really disrespectful.

When she was questioned, the woman initially claimed that she was forced into sexually pleasing the eight men, as they had allegedly threatened her life.




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