Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

Finally! After About 38 Years Iranian Women Can Watch Football at the Stadium


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -Iran finally allowed women to watch football matches in stadiums. Women are allowed to provide support in the 2022 World Cup between Iran and Cambodia at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran on Thursday.

Quoted by AFP on Wednesday on 9 October 2019, the decision was made after the world soccer association, FIFA, threatened to disqualified Iran if they did not revoke the controversial policy.

This is the first time Iranian women have entered a football stadium in the last few decades. For 40 years Iranian women have faced sanctions that have shackled them.

The ban on entering the stadium is based on the opinions of the clerics who consider women to be protected from the masculine atmosphere and men's views.

Last month FIFA ordered Iran to free women from entering a football stadium without conditions.

The recommendation came after a supporter nicknamed "the Blue Girl" died from burning herself after being banned from watching football in the stadium.

She was determined to burn herself because of fear of being jailed for disguising herself as a boy to watch football.





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