Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

Tragic! A Family Death Dragged by the River Flow When They Want to Take Photos


IllustrationIllustration - New Delhi - Selfie leads to death again happening. This time it happened to a family in New Delhi, India. Sadly, one of the victims was a newlywed.

The tragedy occurred on Monday, October 7, 2019, when a family with six members stood by holding hands each other in a river which at that time was quite swift. When they were about to take a selfie, one of the women stepped on a kind of hole in the bottom of the river and slipped.

Unfortunately he slipped while holding hands with the others, they were pulled  and carried away. The newlywed's husband managed to get out of the river and rescued one woman, while four other people death drowned, including his wife.

AFP reported, Among the four victims, one of them is a teenager who is still very young 14 years old. This event also became a lesson to be careful when taking selfies. Do not let your lives die from being obsessed with posting cool photos on social media.





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