Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Pekanbaru City Government Rejects BPKP Riau Audit Results on PDAM Tirta Siak's Performance


Assistant II Pekanbaru Regional Secretariat El Syabrina.Assistant II Pekanbaru Regional Secretariat El Syabrina. - Regional Water Supply Company (PDAM) Tirta Siak Pekanbaru rejects the results of an audit from the Riau Finance and Development Audit Board (BPKP). Because the BPKP does not take into account the condition of the pump engine and the aging piping system.

"According to BPKP, the results of the PDAM performance evaluation are only around 60 percent in 2018. But according to the PDAM, their performance is more than the BPKP audit results," Assistant II of the Pekanbaru City Secretariat El Syabrina said, Wednesday (09/10/2019).

The calculation standard of PDAM Tirta Siak is different from BPKP Riau. BPKP Riau version, depreciation of the performance of the water pumping machine is not taken into account.

"The pump owned by the PDAM has aged. As a result, the PDAM has lost a lot of water," said El Syabrina.

To ensure the results of the audit, the PDAM requested that the Water Supply System Management Agency (BPSPAM). Thus, the actual audit results were found.

"The meeting with the PDAM is only an annual evaluation. So, this meeting does not discuss the addition of capital for the PDAM," said El Syabrina.

Increasing capital cannot be done anymore. Because, the condition of PDAM Tirta Siak is already severe.

"It is impossible for the City Government of Pekanbaru to overcome it through APBD funds. Going forward, we will invite investors to make improvements in Tirat Siak PDAM," said El Syabrina.


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