Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Ustadz Taufiqurrahman Will hold Tabligh Akbar Pelalawan Expo 2019 Tomorrow Night


Ustadz TaufiqurrahmanUstadz Taufiqurrahman - The Pelalawan Regency Government will present Ustadz Taufiqurrahman, SQ or known as Ustaz Pantun, at the Tabligh Akbar during the 2019 Pelalawan Expo event, Thursday, October 10, 2019 tomorrow night.

"Tablig Akbar will be held on Friday night, with Ustaz lecturer Taufiqurrahman, SQ, known as Ustadz Pantun," said Head of Kesra Kesdakab Pelalawan, Akmamul Hadi.

Akmamul said, the lecturer of Tabligh Akbar, which was held at Pelalawan Expo in the 20th anniversary of Pelalawan Regency which fell on 12 October 2019, was the responsibility of the Pelalawan Regency Government.

Akmamul Hadi invited all the people of Pelalawan Regency to come together to listen to religious knowledge from Ustaz Taufiqurrahman, SQ in the Pelalawan Expo Creative Public Space (RPK) area.

"We invite all people in Tabligh Akbar. Because this is a form of our gratitude for Pelalawan's 20th Anniversary, hopefully grace and gifts will always be bestowed in our country," he concluded.


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