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Police Said the Accident of PMTOH in Kuansing happened because the Car's Brake wasn't Working


(Death accident occurred on Jalan Lintas Pekanbaru - Kiliran Jao, Kuantan Bay (photo / amri))(Death accident occurred on Jalan Lintas Pekanbaru - Kiliran Jao, Kuantan Bay (photo / amri)) -

Wednesday 9 October 2019, a deadly accident occurred at Jalan Lintas Pekanbaru - Kiliran Jao, Kuantan Bay, around 11.15 WIB, Wednesday, October 9, 2019. As a result, six PMTOH bus passengers died.

Kasat Lantas Kuansing Regional Police AKP Yohanes Basri delivered a PMTOH bus from Solo to the city of Aceh via Taluk Kuantan experiencing brake failure when he was in KM 87. A driver known as Indra tried to control the bus so as not to crash another vehicle in front of him.

"But when it arrived at a sharp turn, the bus could no longer be controlled. As a result the bus reversed with the tire position above," said Kasat Kuansing Police Station AKP Yohanes Basri when confirmed to

As a result, continued Basri, six passengers were killed consisting of five adults and one child. "The total number of passengers is 14 people, nine others were injured and have been taken to the regional hospital for treatment," he explained.

He also revealed that the car has been modified, not only carrying passengers, this bus carries more goods (packages).

"We have secured the injuries driver, but we have not yet asked for more detailed information," Basri said.

In addition, the police are currently conducting a crime scene (TKP), "And for the driver, we will also do a urine test," he concluded.

At this time the Riau Police Chief will immediately review the location of the Traffic Police by helicopter.

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