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Law Enforcement of Forestry and Fire, Riau Regional Police Presenting The Experts Team and Drones from Police Headquarters


Riau Regional Police (Polda) brought in a team of specialists and special drones from the National Police Headquarters (photo / amri))Riau Regional Police (Polda) brought in a team of specialists and special drones from the National Police Headquarters (photo / amri)) -

Thursday, October 10, 2019, Riau Regional Police (Polda) invited a team of specialists and special drones from the Indonesian Police Headquarters to maximize law enforcement efforts in the case of forest and land fires (Karhutla) in Riau.

There are 4 Teams consisting of Personnel from the National Police Headquarters, the Directorate General of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry have been deployed to a number of fire locations.

"Right. They have been located since yesterday. Divided by 4 teams each from the National Police Headquarters and Riau Police," Riau Police Head of Public Relations, Senior Commissioner Sunarto, Thursday (10/10/19) morning told the reporters to confirm.

The four location points, said Sunarto, namely, 1 point in the Pelalawan Regency, 1 point in Inhu and 2 points in Siak.
"For the Headquarters Team directly led by Dirtipiter (Director of Certain Crimes, Red) Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters. This joint team will work for the next few days," he said.

While the sophisticated equipment, he said, is in the form of a Special Drone that was used at the fire site. "Yes, special drones. Different from ordinary drones. We will explain further. To be sure, all of them descended, including the Expert Team for this Karlahut investigation," he said.

It is known, until now, the Police have about 2 corporations as suspects of Land Fire. One was handled by the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters, namely PT Adei Plantation (PT AP) and the other handled by Riau Police, namely PT Sawit Sumber Sejahtera (PT SSS). The Riau Regional Police have even arrested the Person in Charge of PT SSS.

While individual suspects, the Police have set about 67 suspects handled by each police station in Riau Police.

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