Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Gadjah Mada University Rejects Lecture, Observer: UGM Also will be Rejected to Take Projects In Riau


Ustadz Abdul SomadUstadz Abdul Somad - One observer as well as preacher at the Indonesian Mosque Welfare Idarah (IKMI) Riau Dr. Elviriadi reacted strongly to the rejection received by Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) from one of the well-known homeland campuses, Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Thursday, 10 Octobet 2019.

Elviriadi said that UGM also had to get a similar rejection from the Riau community after doing so to the cleric who received the customary title Datuk Seri Ulama Setia Negara from the Riau Malay Customary Institution.

According to him, the rejection that UGM deserved was no longer giving permission to their researchers to obtain various projects in Riau.

"If UGM can reject the UAS, we, the people of Riau, will reject and stop the work of the UGM research project in Bumi Malay. So far billions of Riau's people have been paying salaries to UGM people," he said.

According to him, many researchers from UGM gained a place in Riau. Especially in districts and cities. They work to do an environmental impact analysis or environmental impact analysis (AMDAL).

While their work is also considered not as good as imagined. UGM researchers are considered uncritical and not objective. So that the impact on environmental damage and ineffectiveness of development in Riau because of too much trust in universities from Java.

"To reject UAS means to doubt the independence and credibility of the Riau clerics. This action hurts the Muslims of Bumi Lancang Kuning. As soon as I am in communication with the Governor of Riau Syamsuar and the Regents of Riau to stop using UGM people," he concluded.


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