Friday, 24 Jan 2020

Want to be As Beautiful As Nadia Hutagalung, These Three Simple Recipes You Must Try


Nadia HutagalungNadia Hutagalung - Who does not know Nadya Hutagalung?

At the age of almost half a century, Nadia Hutagalung still looks beautiful and charming, like teenagers.

On every occasion, this Australian-Batak artist always looks beautiful and fresh. Did you know, apparently Nadia has a unique way to always look younger. Here are the simple secrets that you can try in everyday life:

1. Consuming water, apple cider vinegar, and smoothies

Nadya revealed, when she first woke up in the morning, she always consumed water, apple cider vinegar, and smoothies that she made by herself.

2. Positive thinking

According to Nadya, what is in her mind should be released, if it’s not, it will affect everything, including her health, both physically and mentally. So, before starting her days, Nadia always tried to have positive thoughts.

3. Don't turn on the cellphone before you start your routine activities

According to the model as well as this TV presenter, she always tried not to turn on her cellphone before she did her routine activities.

So those are things that make this 45-year-old woman always look younger. How are you interested?





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