Sunday, 17 Nov 2019

Mursini Mention Children's Forum for Training to Become a Leader


Commemoration of Indonesian National Children's Day (HANI) held in the Hall of SMAN Pintar, Teluk Kuantan.Commemoration of Indonesian National Children's Day (HANI) held in the Hall of SMAN Pintar, Teluk Kuantan. - The commemoration of Indonesian National Children's Day (HANI) which was held in the Hall of SMAN Pintar, Kuantan Bay, was attended by the Regent of Kuantan Singingi, Mursini, MSI accompanied by Emi Safitri, Thursday Morning (10/31/2019).

According to Regent Mursini, the Children's Forum is a forum for preparing children to become the nation's future leaders. "You are agents of change, the future is in your hands. The Children's Forum is a training forum for you, to later become leaders," he said.

For this reason, Mursini requested that the participants of the beloved Children's Forum throughout Kuantan Singingi Regency, to make the best use of the knowledge received and learned while attending school.

"Use the best time, because you are the golden generation for the future of Kuantan Singingi Regency," he explained.

Finally, Mursini called on the children's parents as the quality of the family to prepare and provide the best education for children, because children are the future of humanity.

"Yes, children are our future. We need to prepare and educate our children. We as a government are determined to advance children, because they are our goal," he said.


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