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Alleged fraud by Bengkalis Contractor Against East Jaya Store, Will there be a new suspect?


(After going through the trial stages, a new suspect will appear (photo / Hari))(After going through the trial stages, a new suspect will appear (photo / Hari)) -

BENGKALIS- After listening to a number of witnesses in the alleged 100 cases of fraudulent housing material (RLH) project in 2017 in Bengkalis PUPR Service, several trials have been held in Bengkalis District Court. At the expense of the Toko Timur Timur Jaya building, it reached IDR 2.8 billion.

After going through the trial stages, a new suspect will emerge, because from the facts of the trial, last Thursday by presenting a witness from the Director of PT Harapan Tri Guna (HTG) named Hendra Gunawan, in his testimony before the Panel of Judges he claimed he always did not know, from every question raised to him.

Meanwhile, from the various activities carried out by PT HTG, including getting a tender project in Bengkalis ULP in the form of 100 RLH units in 2017 with a budget of more than IDR16.3 billion, PT HTG Director Hendra Gunawan is the person who is fully responsible for the debt.

In addition to the witness Hendra Gunawan, he also admitted before the Panel of Judges, that the company was unprofessional, because the company, which had been established since 2004, had never held a work progress every month.

However, The Prosecutor of Bengkalis through Head of section Pidum Iwan Roy Carles when contacted said that according to the facts in the trial yesterday, his side was still making a deepening, whether a new suspect would appear or not.

"Related to this (a new suspect will appear) can happen. But we remain selective and professional in handling these alleged frauds, so there are no parties to be harmed in this case, "said Kasi Pidum Bengkalis Kejari, Friday, November 8, 2019.

The story of accounts receivable debt to billions of rupiah, continued Kasi Pidum, a fraud perpetrator of Kelapapati Darat Mohd. Daniel, towards Timur Jaya Shop, with losses of IDR. 2,874,223,750 or 2.8 billion more was also presented at the hearing session with the agenda of listening to witnesses from PT HTG Director Hendra Gunawan.

"The testimony of Director Hendra Gunawan often said that he did not know the problem at his company. Because his brother-in-law (M Daniel-defendant red,) borrowed the company to carry out the RLH project that had been won at the Bengkalis Regency ULP," he said.

In fact, this witness was once formed by the Panel of Judges, because the question was not yet finished, the witness Hendra Gunawan often interrupted the discussion during the trial.

According to the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Bengkalis State Attorney Eriza Susila SH, will be held again, Wednesday (11/13/19) next Sunday with the agenda of demands from the Prosecutor, "Wednesday the agenda of our demands," Eriza said briefly when contacted. (R24 /Hari)


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