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Repairing the Drain Behind the House, This Man Found a Large Secret Room


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A middle-aged man was shocked by the discovery in his backyard garden.

The owner of the house named Chris Scoot decided to check the waterways behind his house in Middlesborough, England.

Chris dismantled the channel because it was suggested by a local builder named Tony Sizer. Tony said if they didn't do something the channel would make flood.

Because of Tony's advice, Chris opened it and he intended to remove the water in it.

But, when opened it, Chris and Tony were surprised by what they found.

Chris and Tony saw a room behind the canal cover.

The room was not haphazard because it was made of solid concrete coated with wood.

There are stairs to go down to the room.

There are even 2 rooms in this basement.

At the end of this room, Chris and Tony also find another door.

And when it was destroyed they found a ladder.

"It's like a fire escape to escape if the first one is destroyed," Chri said.

Not only that, there are also cables that can carry electric current and a switch to turn on the lights.

Well, apparently before this discovery Chris was told that there was a room like a bunker by his neighbor.

However, the neighbors also had never seen with their own eyes.

It is estimated that this bunker was built to protect against Nazi airstrikes during the war.

This bunker is also said can hold up to 100 people.

Middlesbrough was the first British city to be hit by a Luft waffe bomb on the night of May 25, 1940.

Finding a historic and spacious room Chris also plans to utilize the room.

"This is a pretty big room and I might do something," he said.


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