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Have a Premonition of Death; After Making a Farewell Status On Facebook, This High School Student Was Found Dead Tragically


Terima Kasih LaiaTerima Kasih Laia

The discovery of a girl named Terima Kasih Laia (18), a student of SMA 3 Susua, South Nias, North Sumatra, caused a commotion in the residents of Hiliwaebu Village, South Nias where she lived.

She was found dead in a bamboo grove by her younger brother, Friday (29 November 2019) evening.

As if getting a hunch if his death was no longer long, this young girl had apparently made a farewell through Facebook.

"Sorry, I can't frequently sends status again. It's enough until 1-2 days," wrote Terima Kasig Laia on Sunday (24 November 2019) at around 10.19 am.

"I'm Going to Offline. Are you OK? Bye. See you tomorrow !!!," she type on her Facebook timeline. Terima KasihLaia Could Give Signs on Facebook Before Being Found Dead.

Suddenly the status written by Terima Kasih Laia received various responses. Because as if a sign that soon she will leave.

All the links that were arranged were found to be true.

Five days after Thank You Laia wrote her status on Facebook, the victim was found dead in Hamlet 4, Hiliwaebu Village, not far from her home.

The victim was found in tragic conditions.

The victim was found covered in blood.

Injured face and neck allegedly due to mistreatment.

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Suddenly, Facebook friends Terima Kasih Laia who read the status after the incident immediately gave a variety of comments

Previously, the victim was found in the afternoon by his younger brother, named Situ Hati Laia.

It was discovered that after returning from school, the victim left for home.

But until the afternoon the victim never arrived at home.

Because this rarely happens, the victim's sister tries to find and try to pick up at school.

Arriving at school, Situ was notified by the school the victim had been returning home.

On the way to the house, how shocked Situ was when he found the victim lying under a bamboo tree about 50 meters not far from the road.

The victim's sister who found her brother was gone, then told the family what happened to the victim.

Until finally the police came to evacuate the victim.

South Nias Police Chief (Nisel) AKBP I Gede Nakti Widhiarta said that the alleged temporary death toll was due to the natural persecution.

"Provisional estimates of the death toll from being tortured.

Because there are wounds on the neck and face of the victim, "Nakti said when contacted via cell phone on Saturday (30 November 2019).


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