Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

The Large Number of Masses Present at 212 Grand Reunion, Haikal Hassan Arrogantly Gives This Challenge


 212 Grand Reunion 212 Grand Reunion

Spokesperson for the Alumni Association (PA) 212, Haikal Hassan spoke about the number of masses who attended the 212 Grand Reunion in the crossing area of ??Monas, Central Jakarta, Monday (2 December 2019).

Reporting from, Haikal Hassan said that when interviewed by KompasTV journalist, Vidi Batlolone, Monday (2 December 2019).

Initially, Haikal Hassan explained the way for religious communities in Indonesia to live in harmony.

According to him, justice can create unity and integrity.

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"It's easy, right. As long as there is no justice, there is no unity and unity. Unity and unity can happen if there is justice, that's the most important thing," Haikal Hassan explained.

Responding to the debate about the number of participants in the 212th Great Reunion action, Haikal Hassan presented the challenge of gathering large crowds.

"You don't need to mention the number. Can anyone collect that much mass, top if you can. I challenge," Haikal Hassan said.


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