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Young Mother Who Was Carrying Her Child Killed Directly Because of a Landslide Disaster, This Was What Happening


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Heavy rain which flushed the South Tangerang Kampung Kademang area, on Monday (02 December 2019) afternoon, caused a landslide disaster.

A young mother was killed in the incident. The death toll is known as Anggi Febrianti (26).

Head of South Tangerang City's Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Chaerudin said that the disaster began when heavy rains flushed the area around 01.30 pm.

Due to heavy rain, land shifts occur to encourage plaster, even landslides are inevitable.

The unfortunate incident happened when the victim was carrying her child with the initial Z (3) who was also buried in the ground.

Nahas, the victim died, while his child suffered injuries to the face.

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"We have now evacuated and we will be guarding because of their vigilant status. It is possible that tomorrow morning we will evacuate the debris at the location," he said.

At present the road at the disaster site has also been closed by a police line.

While local residents are still crowding to witness the landslide that took its toll.

A number of motorists who pass also stop occasionally just to see the scene.


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