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Heartbreaking! Being Raped for 4 Years and Abused in Front of Her Mother, This Middle School Student Devotes Her Sadness Through Writing


The perpetratorThe perpetrator
An unfortunate fate befall  to this middle school student with Pseudo name, Mawar (15). She became the victim of her stepfather's immoral acts and could only ex[press her sadness through writing.

In her pre-book, Mawar tells how complicated and sad the life that she passed. She began her writing when her stepfather, TW (33) tried to approach her. How complicated the fate of Mawar was, her father began his depraved act when her mother, Tinuk, had a mental disorder.

Rape ensued.

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Mawar has high hopes that her mother can protect her, if later her condition recovers.

But when he told his mother, his mother could not do much. Mawar was only ordered by her mother to refuse if invited to have intercourse.

When Mawar refused, TW became very angry and a fight ensued.

The quarrel then made Tinuk relapse of psychiatric disorders.

"Since grade 5 elementary school until now I have been treated anything," wrote Mawar.

How sad is the life of Mawar because when Tinuk found out about this illicit relationship, she was unable to defend Mawar.

Tinuk also afraid if TW divorced him.

Even Mawar also wrote, Tinuk even blessed her relationship with TW.

"Though (mother) is the only hope to help my future. But I am disappointed, "said Mawar.

The craziest thing, on Monday (25 November 2019), TW repeated his actions even in front of Tinuk.

Not quite up there, TW viciously asked Tinuk to join in the activity of the forbidden relationship.

The most heinous act was carried out on Wednesday (27 November 2019) morning, when Mawar was leaving for school. TW asked her to go upstairs.

"In the upstairs, I was molested. Even though I wanted to go to school at 6 and at that time I was in uniform, "wrote Mawar, ending her confession.

Shockingly, that unappropriate act was carried out by TW to Mawar carried out since four years.

This case was revealed when the Guidance and Counseling teacher saw Mawar always got depressed in her school.

In the counseling with her teacher, Mawar told  that she had long been the victim of the stepfather's savage lust, TW.

The school then reported to aunt Mawar and Tulungagung District Police.

Tulungagung Police Chief, AKBP Eva Guna Pandia, through Paur Humas, Ipda Anwari, claimed to have responded to reports from the victim's aunt.

After conducting an investigation, police arrested TW on Thursday (28 November 2019).

"We have secured the suspected perpetrators to undergo the legal process," explained Anwari, Sunday (1 December 2019).

Currently TW has been named as a suspect, and is being held in a detention room in Tulungagung Mapolres.

Anwari could not provide further information, because this case was still being explored by UPPA Tulungagung Police.

Anwari promised to provide further explanation, if the investigation process has been completed.

"The next one or two days are the most completed," concluded Anwari.


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