It Takes 30-40 Days for Rossi to Recover After Surgery


It Takes 30-40 Days for Rossi to Recover After SurgeryIt Takes 30-40 Days for Rossi to Recover After Surgery - Valentino Rossi had to recover after undergoing surgery. Yamaha racers Movistar is estimated took 30-40 days before could be back in action with his bike.

Rossi was involved in a crash while practicing enduro motocross near his hometown on Thursday (31/8). Due to the accident, Rossi suffered a broken tibia and fibula bones in his right leg.

Rossi has had surgery on Friday (1/9) at dawn, Italy time. The operation was run successfully and no complications experienced by racers aged 38 years. After the surgery, Rossi will stay in the hospital for three or four days.

Doctors who operate on Rossi, Rossi Raffaelle Pascarella, calling it took about a month to recover. "Operation runs for one hour. We wear a pin to stabilize a broken bone. His feet is a bit swollen, and he will stay here for a few days before the start of physiotherapy," Pascarella said in

"It will take between 30 and 40 days to restore the conditions that he needs to come back and compete in the top MotoGP motorcycle," he said.

That means Rossi almost certainly absent in San Marino MotoGP (10 September) and Aragon MotoGP (24 September). Absent in the two series would certainly be a decisive blow in his efforts to become a world champion this season.



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