Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

Divorce and Viral? Ustaz Abdul Somad Returns Against Unpleasant News, Netizens Do These Comments at UAS IG


Ustaz Abdul Somad when giving tausiyah at the Great Mosque of Sukamara Kalteng (photo: ig / @ ustadzabdulsomad_official)Ustaz Abdul Somad when giving tausiyah at the Great Mosque of Sukamara Kalteng (photo: ig / @ ustadzabdulsomad_official) - The famous Ustaz, known as UAS, was reportedly divorced from his wife Mellya Juniarti. After various slanders who accused him of being radical, now Ustaz Abdul Somad is again being hit by bad news.

UAS seems reluctant to comment or give a statement directly related to the news of the rift of the household, even though it has been viral. search, Thursday 5 December 2019, personal instagram account owned by UAS @ustadzabdulsomad_official was flooded with various comments from netizens who wanted to confirm whether the news was true or hoax.

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However, not a few netizens who responded to the news about the UAS household wisely, and prefer not to care about the news.

@ ar_dhy_an17: "The more frightened is the slander which has been blown to our teachers ... may Allah strengthen our teachers from the media."

@ iwan_suhendri: "I see. If the true preaching ... is the same as Buya Hamka was not in line with the government to go to prison."

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@ aiswa.777: "Gueh doesn't care what gossip about the important cleric Gueh is now migrating because of his lectures. I will apologize for forgiving ..."

@teuku_hermansyahofficial: "UAS is still the best even though it continues to be provoked by various media."

@asri_rangerainbow: "UAS has never made its private life available for public consumption. Therefore, we should respect the decision of the UAS. Our weaknesses can actually make the media more wild. Just keep quiet. Besides, we need knowledge."


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