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The Role of Senapelan in the Dutch Colonial Era


IlustrationIlustration - Everyone knows that the name Senapelan is the forerunner to the birth of the city of Pekanbaru. This region is considered important in Dutch times.

At that time there was an agreement between the Kingdom of Johor and the Netherlands (VOC) quoted from, Sunday, December 8, 2019.

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The agreement gave the Dutch authority to colonize in a wider area. Precisely April 9, 1689.

And the exemption of excise duty and monopoly on several types of merchandise and establishing Loji in Petapahan which at that time was an advanced and quite important area.

Because the Dutch ships could not enter Petapahan, the Senapelan was a stopping place for Dutch ships, then the voyage to Petapahan continued with small boats.

These items such as tin, gold, wooden handicrafts and other forest products.

So Senapelan plays an important role in trade traffic.

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That's because the strategic location of Senapelan and the calm condition of the Siak River in making this village hold a cross position both from the interior of the Tapung and the interior of the Minangkabau and Kampar.

It also stimulates the development of road facilities through the Teratak Buluh (Sungai Kelulut) route, Tangkerang to Senapelan as a strategic area and a trade gateway.



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