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Commemorating World Anti-Corruption Day, The head of the prosecutor's office Bengkalis: Corruption is our Enemy


 (District Prosecutor's Office in Bengkalis District commemorates World Anti-Corruption Day (R24 / Hari) (District Prosecutor's Office in Bengkalis District commemorates World Anti-Corruption Day (R24 / Hari) -

BENGKALIS - The District Attorney's Office in Bengkalis District held a commemoration of the World Anti-Corruption Day which was held at the District Attorney's Office on Jalan Agriculture.

The head of the Bengkalis District Attorney's Office, Nanik Kushartanti, SH MH said that corruption is a common enemy. For that reason, in eradicating and preventing corruption there must be synergy of all parties.

"So far, corruption has become our common problem, even this corruption is systemic, our efforts cannot be alone but must be continuous and sustainable," said Bengkalis Prosecutor's Office Nanik Kushartanti SH MH accompanied by Head of Pidsus Agung Irawan, SH MH, Monday 9 December 2019.

To against corruption, continued Nanik Kushartanti, not only on the momentum of the anniversary of corruption. In every step, you must be able to protect yourself from falling into a pool of corruption.

"In the Prosecutor's Office, from staff to staff, I have warned them to commit to it. Serving the community and restoring public trust in Adiyhaksa people as the front gate for eradicating and preventing corruption," she said.

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In addition, for the handling of custody cases from January to December 2019, the Bengkalis District Attorney's Office has handled 11 corruption cases. 10 of them are in the prosecution stage and 1 has entered the investigation.

Specifically for one case that went up from the investigation stage to the investigation, the head of section Pidsus Agung Irawan said that he will announce the suspect and the case being handled in the near future.

"In the prosecution, 10 cases have been investigated, there are 1 case investigation and later we will announce it on the date," Agung added.

The commemoration of the World Anti-Corruption Day, in addition to being attended by the heads of staff and staff in the prosecutor's office, was also attended by dozens of students from STAIN and STIE Syariah Bengkalis.

Meanwhile, after carrying out the title of Anti-Corruption Day, the prosecutors immediately distributed Anti-corruption stickers at the intersection of Ahmad Yani Bengkalis Street. (R24 / Day)


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