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Regent Kuansing Mursini Mentioned UMKM Must Be Empowered by Three Principles in UMKM


(Regent of Kuantan Singingi Drs.H. Mursini M.Sc when opening Entrepreneurship Training (photo / Zar))(Regent of Kuantan Singingi Drs.H. Mursini M.Sc when opening Entrepreneurship Training (photo / Zar)) -

KUANSING - Empowerment of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), in accordance with Law No. 20/2008 that it is necessary to empower MSME as a whole, and continuously through the development of a conducive climate, empowerment of business opportunities, support for the protection and development of the broadest business.

"UMKM has always been described as a sector that has an important role, because most of the population is low educated, and lives in business activities in the traditional and modern sectors," said the Regent of Kuantan Singingi Drs.H. Mursini M.Si when opening the Entrepreneurship Training Class II, at the Sabilion Hotel, Monday (9/12).

However, said H. Mursini, the development efforts that have been carried out are still not satisfying the results, because in reality the progress of MSMEs is very small compared to the progress achieved by large businesses. "To create a strong economy, Micro and Small Businesses need to be empowered, so they can develop into medium businesses," he said.

According to him, Development and development of micro, small and medium businesses will be carried out by the government. In the business world both individually and jointly, it must be done in a directed and integrated manner, and continuously to realize small businesses that are resilient and independent, and can develop into medium businesses.

"In accordance with Law No 20/2008 Article 3, that Micro and Medium Enterprises aims to develop businesses, in the context of building a national economy based on a just economic democracy," he added.

While the SME Empowerment Principle, there are three things, namely:

1. Growth of independence, togetherness and entrepreneurship of UMKM, to work on their own initiative,

2. Business development based on regional potential and market oriented, in accordance with MSME business competencies,

3. Increasing the competitiveness of MSMEs, "he said. (R24 / Zar)


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