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Management of HNSI Meranti Inaugurated, Rosdaner: Improving Fishermen's Welfare


Management of HNSI Meranti is InauguratedManagement of HNSI Meranti is Inaugurated - The Board of Management of the All-Indonesian Fishermen Association (HNSI) of the Meranti Islands Regency in the 2019-2024 period, chaired by Rony Samudra, was officially inaugurated by Riau Hufi Daily Chairman Jufriyan, in the Ballroom of the Grand Meranti Hotel, Thursday (12/12/2019).

Present at the event, the Meranti Islands Regent who was represented by Assistant III of Meranti Regional Secretary H. Rosdaner, Chairperson of Riau Province HNSI DPD Mangansa Panjaitan, Chairperson of Riau Province HNSI Daily Jufriyan, Secretary of Riau Gunawan HIPSI and a number of other invited guests.

The inauguration of the Meranti Islands DPC HNSI Board of Directors in 2019-2024 period was carried out directly by the Chairman of the Riau Province HNSI DPD marked by handing over the Petaka flag to the elected Chairperson of DPC HNSI Rony Samudra SH.

Assistant III of the Secretary of Meranti Regency, Rosantier hopes that DPC HNSI Meranti can carry out its role in accommodating the interests of fishermen in the Meranti Islands and Regency Government. Meranti stressed Rosdaner was ready to work together with HNSI in an effort to improve the welfare of the Fishermen community.

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"Hopefully in the future there will be a good synergy between HNSI and the Regional Government in an effort to realize the sovereignty and welfare of Fishermen in Meranti," he said.

He continued, Rosdaner said, with the formation of the Meranti DPC HNSI, of course, it could provide input and suggestions to the Regional Government regarding what was needed by the Fishermen. That way the type of assistance that is rolled out every year is really useful and right on target.

"We also open ourselves to suggestions and input from HNSI related to providing assistance to the fishermen community so that the assistance provided provides maximum benefits for the welfare of fishermen and most importantly is on target," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DPC HNSI Meranti was elected Rony Samudra in his speech saying that the working area of ??Fishermen in Meranti is very wide ranging from 3700 KM3, with a total of 8,000 Fishermen. If this potential can be utilized and managed to its full potential, fisherman sovereignty will be realized.

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"We hope that the Regional Government, especially the Fisheries Service, can pay more attention to the 8,000 fishermen. And DPC HNSI Meranti emphasized that he is ready to become a government partner to improve the welfare of the Fishermen community," he said.

 For the initial stage, explained Rony, DPC HNSI Meranti will conduct an inventory of the number of Fishermen's estate in Meranti. It also records what is needed to run its operations. Later this data will be given to the Meranti Fisheries Service as a reference in providing assistance to Fishermen.

"That way the assistance provided by the Regional Government is really needed and more on target," said Rony.



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