Friday, 24 Jan 2020

Still Constrained Inventory Blank KTP-el, Disdukcapil Pekanbaru Not Ready to Use ADM Machines


Head of Pekanbaru City Disdukcapil Irma Novrita.Head of Pekanbaru City Disdukcapil Irma Novrita. - The Department of Population and Civil Registry (Disdukcapil) of Pekanbaru City stated that they are not ready to use the Mandiri Dukcapil Pavilion (ADM) machine next year. The reason is Disdukcapil Pekanbaru is still struggling with the problem of the blank supply of Electronic Resident Identity Cards (KTP-el).

Pekanbaru Disdukcapil Head Irma Novrita, Thursday (12/12/2019), said that his party had received information from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) regarding the use of ADM machines in national coordination meetings with Disdukcapil throughout Indonesia. When the National Coordination Meeting was practiced how the machine worked.

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The machine can print e-KTPs, Child Identity Cards (KIA), and all kinds of deeds. However, Pekanbaru City is still not ready for it.

"Because, the KTP-el form is still our problem. This is what we need to solve first," he said.

Moreover, several new sub-districts were divided. There are around 300 thousand family heads (KK) who will experience a change in identity.



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