Friday, 24 Jan 2020

Watch Out! Drinking Coffee Turns Out to Cause An Unusual Heartbeat


The victimThe victim - Viral. A man who had an unusually palpitating heart condition at midnight was rushed to the hospital.

He mentioned, one of the causes was his habit of consuming coffee.

The story was viral when Ilham R Putera shared his experience on the Twitter account @ Rachmatputera_, Thursday (12 December 2019).

The tweet invited many responses from citizens.

Furthermore, llham said, doctors diagnosed him with supraventricular tachycardia or SVT, which is a heart condition that is fast and abnormal due to the consumption of caffeine.

A General Practitioner, dr. M Fiarry Fikaris said that coffee is a drink that contains high levels of caffeine.

Meanwhile, caffeine is a substance that has a function as a nervous system stimulant.

Because the central nervous system is stimulated by caffeine, abnormal heart palpitations occur.

Not only can cause heart palpitations are not normal, Fiarry said, it can also cause symptoms of cold sweat to headaches.

Fiarry said, in general, caffeine is safe for body consumption.

In fact, caffeine can also benefit the body.

However, Fiarry noted, caffeine must be consumed with the right dose.

Fiarry asserted, everyone has their own limits in consuming coffee.

It was influenced by genetic factors, body weight, and drugs consumed.

So, it is important for everyone to pay attention to the limits of his body in receiving caffeine.




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