Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Following the Steps of Ahok, Sandiaga Uno Also Wants to Help Erick Thohir at BUMN, Here's the Explanation


Sandiaga Uno Sandiaga Uno - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gerindra Party, Sandiaga Uno, appreciated the performance of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir.

Sandiaga Uno said he paid attention to the performance of his friend since two months Erick Thohir worked.

This was conveyed by the politician and businessman after attending the Opening of the National Unity Development Party (PPP) Conference at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (14 December 2019).

He also said there were several strategic decisions from Erick Thohir which he said needed to be underlined.

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The decision intended by the former Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta was to clear and send a firm message of commitment to good corporate governance.

What has been done by the SOE minister, according to Sandi, is useful to strengthen SOEs as a stronghold of the Indonesian economy.

In addition, it can also be a catalyst locomotive for our future development and economic growth.

Meanwhile quoted by, the vice presidential candidate in the 2019 Election Sandiaga Uno claimed to be ready to help SOE Minister Erick Thohir as a form of contribution to the nation and state.

However, Sandiaga stressed that the form of his contribution was not to become a director or commissioner of a state-owned company.

"I convey, I will help him and our honor can contribute to the nation and country. But not the capacity of the company leadership, directors, or commissioners," said Sandiaga after attending Mukernas V PPP at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Saturday (14 December 2019).

Sandiaga said that he could not be included in BUMN because he was a Gerindra Party cadre.

"Surely the SOE must be free from conflicts of interest, it must be free from interests that might be considered the interests of parties," said Sandiaga who is the Deputy Chairperson of the Gerindra Board of Trustees.





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