Alex Kawilarang, the only man who dared to slap of Soeharto in Indonesia


Alex Kawilarang, the only man who dared to slap of Soeharto in IndonesiaAlex Kawilarang, the only man who dared to slap of Soeharto in Indonesia -  Many heroes in Indonesia who fared unlucky, did not get a star sign of merit and not even recognized as a hero.

One of them is Alex Kawilarang. He was proposed to become a national hero but was not approved by the government until now.

Whereas, Alex Kawilarang has an important role in the preparation of Indonesian National Army (TNI) organization, one of them build an elite force known as Kopassus TNI AD.

In the Dutch period, Alex followed the training of Koninklijk Militaire Academie (KMA) officer in Bandung. Shortly,he became a Koninklijke Nederlands Indische Leger (KNIL) officer, or the Dutch-Indies Government army.

In 1942, the KNIL was dissolved.

After Indonesia gained independence in 1945, Alex joined with TNI. Initially he became a liaison officer with British troops. Until finally Kawilarang was believed to lead the TNI expedition to quell the various insurgencies in the early days of the republic.

Starting from Operation crushing of Andi Azis Rebellion in Makassar, South Maluku Rebellion (RMS), and Kahar Muzakkar Rebellion in South Sulawesi.

In 1951-1956, Kawilarang was appointed as Commander of the Army Command and Territory VII / Eastern Indonesia (TTIT) in Makassar.

When he was in office, Kawilarang reported to President Soekarno that the condition of Makassar was safe.
But Sukarno showed radiogram that preached of Makassar was attacked by KNIL troops. Kawilarang is looking for Commander of Mataram Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Suharto who is in charge of guarding the City of Makassar.

At that time Kawilarang was very upset, because he saw many of Soeharto's subordinates who chose to escape.

"What joke is this? ," Kawilarang told Soeharto. And Soeharto was slapped.

In April 1951, he formed Kopassus. However, it was only in 1999 that Kawilarang was accepted as a Kopassus honorary citizen, after Suharto stepped down from TNI.

During the Orde Baru, relations between Kawilarang and Soeharto remained less harmonious, as Suharto still held a grudge to him.

And Kawilarang chose to work as an entrepreneur. On June 6, 2000, Kawilarang passed away at the age of 80 years and was buried in the Carangra of hero grave, in Bandung.



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