A model be a very ugly women after her boyfriend threw acid in her face


A model be a very ugly women after her boyfriend threw acid in her faceA model be a very ugly women after her boyfriend threw acid in her face -  Piper’s story has inspired millions across the globe.

Being a model is wishing of Katie Piper since her childhood. She grew up into a beautiful, sexy woman.

Piper attracted many men with her beautiful face and smile, and finally being a model.

Everything was going good for her until she met her ex-boyfriend David Lynch via Facebook in 2008. Lynch was really good-looking, she thought that there was no harm in befriending him—a decision she will forever regret.

They began seeing each other soon after. Piper claimed Lynch was smart and attractive, and she was drawn more to him. However, things began going weird soon after their first date. According to Piper, Lynch insisted to accompany her to the bathroom on their first date—which she found weird, but brushed it off nevertheless.

Lynch began to become aggressive. On one occasion, Lynch became angry when a waiter at a doughnut shop called Piper with ‘darling’.

And Piper decided to end things, just two weeks into the relationship. But Lynch asked her to spend the entire day with him. Piper agreed to do so.

The pair had a lovely dinner together. Once in the hotel room, Lynch tried to get intimate, but Piper refused. So, Lynch raped her and threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone.

A few days later, Lynch then told Piper to head to a coffee shop in order to read an email he sent her. On the way to coffee shop in north London, Piper noticed a man holding a coffee cup coming to her way. Suddenly, the man threw liquid onto her face. Piper experienced an explosion of agony as the acid melted her skin.

After that incident, Piper was put in an induced coma for 12 days and went through a total of 40 surgical operations. When she saw her face for the first time, she was horrified.


“I had the worst injuries the medical team had ever seen. They sliced away my entire face, removing the dead and burned skin.” she recalled.

She is try and smooth her skin, Piper wore a plastic mask for 23 hours a day.

Years after the traumatic experience that destroyed her life, Piper is now up and raising awareness for those with burns and disfiguring injuries.

She also made a stunning recovery with the help of doctors and her husband, Richard Sutton, who she married in 2015. And now, they have one daughter and are currently expecting their second child.




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