WiFi problems found in the newest Android Oreo


WiFi problems found in the newest Android OreoWiFi problems found in the newest Android Oreo - Promising a myriad of improvisation, Android Oreo is not without problems. A bug found in Android upgrade is certainly can make the users irritated.

The bug is located in the connectivity features in the WiFi settings. It is common place when mobile phone users uses the Wi-Fi, in addition to be offered higher speed, connection to the WiFi of course also saves usage data. But those expectations could be different in the Android Oreo. Because a number of users admitted the quota data still being sucked though the device is connected to a WiFi connection.

"After updating to Oreo last night, I received a surge in great use of data, even though being connected to WiFi. I called customer service and was told that they are aware of this issue and are trying to fix the problem, "wrote one user, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Tuesday September 6, 2017.

"So for a while I turn off mobile data while in the house, so the only WiFi is used," he added.

Fortunately the current Android Oreo is still limited to be used in mobile phone Pixeland Nexus series. So not many users are affected. Hopefully Google has complete this problem when Android Oreo be spread on non Google phone.



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