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Two Pairs of Candidate of Prospective Regent and Vice Regent of Indragiri Hulu Go Forward Independently


(Chair of KPU Inhu, Yenni Mairida SE, MM (photo / Rou))(Chair of KPU Inhu, Yenni Mairida SE, MM (photo / Rou)) -

INHU- The election of the regent and deputy regent of Indragiri Hulu Regency (Inhu) in 2020, will be enlivened by individuals prospective (Independent). Because until now there have been two LO (Liaison officers) candidate pairs coordinating with the General Election Commission (KPU) of Inhu District.

Chairman of the Inhu KPU, Yenni Mairida SE, MM when confirmed, Tuesday, December 14, 2020 confirmed the existence of two candidates for the regent and vice regent.

"Right, there are already two LOs for prospective regent and deputy regent pairs delivering their mandates to the KPU," Yenni said.

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When asked if there is a time limit for the submission of the LO mandate to the KPU? Yenni answered none. "There is no time limit on the submission of the LO mandate, but due to the submission of support files for individual candidate pairs to the KPU on February 19-23, 2020, the candidates will certainly send the LO before that time, given the many things that must be prepared," she explained.

The two LOs who have delivered the mandate include, for the balloon couple the regent and deputy regent Dr. H Nurhadi SPoG and Captain (retired) Toni Sutianto SH. Then LO for the regent and deputy regent balloon pair, Rezita Meylani SE and Drs H Junaidi Rachmad M.Sc.

For the LO, continued Yenni Mairida, there will be training. Because the support form for the candidates pair of regents and deputy regents of the individual lane uses a special application.

"The two LOs for the two regent and deputy regent balloon pairs will be guided by the appointed Inhu Regency KPU officers," she said.

This bespectacled woman also spoke about the amount of support for individual couples. Where the pair of candidates for regent and deputy regent advanced through individual channels, a minimum of 24,395 KTPs was supported from a total of 287,003 voters.

The amount of support is at least spread across eight sub-districts of the 14 sub-districts in Inhu District. (R24 / Rou)



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