Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Repeatedly Stabbing His Own Natural Father, This Man Then Dragged His Father's Body Into the Highway; 'I have Killed the Satan'


IllustrationIllustration - At around 2:00 pm West Indonesia Time, a child named Rinaldi (50) dragged his father with the initial SB (87) to the edge of the highway.

Rinaldi dragged his old father from his residence in Jorong Bintungan, Nagari Panyalaian, Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra.

Apparently before being dragged out of the house, the father had been treated sadistically by his son.

Rinaldi repeatedly stabbed his father using a machete to death.

When the father exhaled, Rinaldi instead screamed hysterically.

"I have killed Satan," said Rinaldi, quoted by the Padang Panjang Police Chief, AKBP Sugeng Hariyadi, Tuesday (14 January 2020).

Then, the body of the father covered in blood was dragged to the edge of the highway.

When he arrived in front of the roadside warung, the perpetrators were immediately secured.

"When in front of the roadside warung, the family and the residents secured the perpetrators."

"Then bring the victim back into the house," said Kasat Reskrim Padang Panjang Regional Police, AKP Hidup Mulia.

Knowing the incident, the police went directly to the location.

SB, the victim, was taken to the Padang Panjang Regional Hospital, while Rinaldi was taken to the Padang Panjang Regional Police Station.

The motive for the killing of the father by his biological son is still being investigated.





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