Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Rejecting to Show Chat Content, a Karaoke Guide Directly Strangled by Her Husband


The perpetratorThe perpetrator - Mutiara Putri (20), a woman who works as a karaoke guide in the Tarok area, Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, was found dead tragically.

The victim, Mutiara Putri, was found dead in a rented room. Her death body was first found by her younger brother, Reza, at a rented house on Wednesday morning. Reza was surprised to see her sister had been lifeless with the conditions of the hands and feet tied. Her mouth is stuffed with cloth.

Seeing the condition of her brother killed unnormal, Reza immediately reported the incident to the local police. Payakumbuh police officers then investigated the death of Mutiara.

From the results of the investigation, the victim was allegedly killed by her husband. A few hours after the incident, officers finally succeeded in arresting the perpetrator. The perpetrator is suspected of trying to escape.

Payakumbuh Police Department arrested the perpetrator named Jalil Hamid alias Rojak in Pasir Pangerayan, Riau Province, shortly after the murder occurred on Wednesday (08 January 2020).

The police chief said the motive for the murder case was due to jealousy and heartache. From the confession of the perpetrator in front of the officers, before the murder occurred, the perpetrator and victim who were serial wives had quarreled.

At that time, the victim asked for money to pay for the vehicle installments, but the perpetrator could not provide. Then the quarreled began. At that time, the perpetrator caught the victim chatting with someone.

The jealous perpetrator asks the victim to show the contents of the chat, but the victim refuses. The perpetrator also felt emotional and hurt that they were determined to kill her wife.

The perpetrator killed the victim by strangling her neck. He then tied the victim's legs and arms. After that, the perpetrator ran away immediately with jewelry attached to the victim's hands and valuables belonging to the victim.

In addition, to securing the perpetrator, officers also secured a number of items of evidence from the scene. For further legal proceedings, the perpetrator is currently undergoing an examination at the Payakumbuh Mapolres.



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