Rossi explains his motocross accident that broke his bones


Rossi while riding motocrossRossi while riding motocross - Valentino Rossi suffered broken bones because of his motocross accident. Rossi got accident explanation that forcing his absence in San Marino MotoGP.

Rossi got to take operation after motocross crashing on Thursday (31/8). Because of the accident, Rossi suffered a broken tibia and fibula bones in his right leg.

Once out of the hospital, Rossi explained how she had an accident that makes the bones in his leg broken. "I practiced enduro with friends of mine and the other academies racers. It is an exercise I've been doing since she was 18 years old, it's something that I've done 200 times," said Rossi was quoted

"We've almost reached the end of the track, in a derivative which is quite steep. We walked slowly, in second gear, but there is a rocky area," he added.

"When I get through, moving, as though my bike crash the stone. I fell in with the right foot as the object, but there was a jolt and when my leg held my weight and the motor behind , my legs were broken. I was just about 400 meters from the end of the track," said Rossi.

Rossi has been ascertained on the San Marino MotoGP that will be held at the end of this week. Team Yamaha Movistar has decided not to appoint a replacement and only bring Maverick Viñales.



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