Hurricane Harvey victims will get warranty for their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus damaged


IllustrationIllustration - Although equipped with IP67certification, Apple will not be publishing a warranty for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which damaged because of water. But there is an exception for victims of Hurricane Harvey who braved Texas, United States (USA).

As is known, Hurricane Harvey who hit the State of Texas late August to be the worst storm of all 12 years. The storm with 215 speed km/h causing floods that hit some areas. Because of the great flood, many iPhone users 7 and 7 Plus who become victims. Normally, Apple probably will not replace the ravages of inundated.

However, as quoted from Phone Arena, Saturday (9/9), Apple with a good heart will freed the cost of repairs for devices damaged by disaster. Not only because it is submerged, Apple will also make the servicing fee free for devices that are affected by the storm.

So, such as a broken iPhone because are submerged when the user is being evacuated from flood or there may be a tree uprooted overwrite home and exposed to the iPhone, Apple is reportedly willing to fix it. Not just the iPhone, it is said that this even applies to iPad Mac.

Storm victims need only to visit the nearest Apple Store and telling their bitter experience. Then, Apple will try to lighten the burden of the victim.



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