Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

US Starts Prohibiting Iranian Students Continuing Their Study in America


Protesters stand outside the federal courthouseProtesters stand outside the federal courthouse - An Iranian student who was studying in Boston was refused entry into the US and was ordered to immediately fly back to his home country.

Shahab Dehghani, a 24-year-old student at Northeastern University, arrived on a flight to Boston on a valid student visa but was held by Customs and US Border Patrol at Logan International Airport.

Customs officials ordered Dehghani to return to Iran on the next available flight. Officials argue that Dehghani intends to stay in the US longer than allowed by his temporary student visa.

Dehghani denied if that was the case.

Dehghani's lawyer said she had attended the University of Massachusetts Boston before moving to Northeastern. She has also undergone a year of visa reviews and plans to return to Iran when she completes his studies.

"She was very angry," said Heather Yountz, a lawyer who was also involved in the Dehghani case. "She has been a student here in Massachusetts for two years. Her life has now changed."

Customs and Border Patrol refused to comment specifically but said everyone who wanted to enter the country had a burden to prove they could overcome "all reasons not acceptable," including "health reasons, crime, security reasons, public costs, labor certification employment, illegal immigration, and immigration violations, documentation requirements, and other reasons. "

While he was at the airport on Monday, Dehghani's lawyer filed an emergency lawsuit trying to delay his dismissal, which was quickly approved by a federal judge, while awaiting trial on Tuesday.



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