KASN said there an activity to sell position of civil servants


KASN said there an activity to sell position of civil servantsKASN said there an activity to sell position of civil servants -  This year, the government of Indonesia opened thousands of seats for Candidate Civil Servant (CPNS). In this situation, CPNS brokers usually claim to be able to help through the back lane.

Is it true?

The State Civil Service Commission (CASN) revealed that there is still a practice of buying and selling positions by unscrupulous individuals at the reception of Candidate Civil Servants (CPNS).

This statement dismisses claims that call CPNS recruitment with a clean Computer Assisted Test (CAT) system of brokers and elements of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN).

"It's still happening under the hands, okay if the minister says so (no), Mr. Jokowi's son and son of Mr. Azwar Abubakar did not pass of exam CPNS, but there is a Echelon III children passed because of the person," said KASN commissioner, Irham Dilmy was launched from, on Monday, September 11, 2017 Jakarta.

Irham admitted, that KASN ever received reports from a CPNS who have successfully passed the test. But his name suddenly disappeared. It still happens in the acceptance CPNS last year.

"There is a child whose name is lost, suddenly not so because his name is gone, crying him. That is the last year report, there are some (names)," he said.

Indeed, Irham said with the implementation of the CAT system, the selection material is quite good and transparent. This system is also claimed to be free from the practice of brokering and corruption, but said Irham, the facts on the ground still going on sale and purchase position.

He said the solution is a third party in order to avoid the practice of buying and selling positions happen again.

 "I think just leave it to a third party, that is one contractor who has the competence, psychologists to implement it," he said




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